Avis Lee up for Merit Review May 2nd

Avis’s merit review hearing is set for May 2, at 9am sharp. She is scheduled to have a video interview during this time. This is one of many steps in the commutation process. If she is approved by majority, 3 of the 5 member board of pardons she will be granted a public hearing.


Do you want to go to the hearing? Let’s Get Free is gonna make T-shirts and coordinate carpools if people are interested in going. Click here to sign up for car pool and T-Shirt Size. Philly people if you are going and want a t-shirt please fill out form so we can make enough.  We will aim to arrive at 8:15 – 8:30 am to give out T-shirts in Harrisburg.



Also, if you want to make a donation we could use it for gas, tolls, t-shirts etc.


Avis Lee turned 58 years old this past January. She was sentenced to Death by Incarceration (DBI) as a teenager and has served almost 40 years in prison. She was the look out for a robbery that ended tragically. This is her 6th attempt at applying for commutation. The last 4 attempts she has had full support of Cambridge Springs Prison.
For clarity, Commutation is different than the superior court case that the Abolitionist Law Center argued on the age expansion for juveniles sentenced to DBI. That case is still in process. For more information on Avis Lee Click Here
[Image Description: Avis is pictured in her 20’s perched on one knee in the grass with a big smile in front of Cambridge Springs Prison. You can see part of a brick building in the background. There is text on the picture that say: Avis Lee is up for Merit Review. She was 18. She is now 58. She did not pull the trigger. Her prison supports her freedom. So does her community. Free Avis Lee]


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