Let Grandma Go – #LetGrandmaGo is a public awareness campaign to make visible aging women in prison, pass laws that would liberate the elderly in prison and bring our friends home.

End Death By Incarceration – Let’s Get Free co-founded the CADBI -West chapter in the fall of 2017. We see our active participation in this chapter as a main part of legislative reform work. Many of our volunteers are consistent participants to pass the Senate and House bill that would essentially abolish the sentence of Life Without Parole.

Campaign for Meaningful Commutation – This campaign pursues dramatic change in Pennsylvania’s broken commutation process.  In addition to advocacy and seeking legislative reform, Let’s Get Free maintains continuously updated information about the commutation process and the outcome of hearings.

Softer Landing Fund – A Softer Landing Fund is a guaranteed income initiative that will distribute recurring cash payments with no strings attached to 10 formerly incarcerated people who are connected with Let’s Get Free. This pilot initiative, launched in 2022, will last one year and prioritize women returning from long sentences.

Let’s Get Smart – Let’s Get Smart is our campaign to advocate for college level classes in prisons in Pennsylvania. There are 1000’s of free online college classes. Let’s figure out a way to get them in the prisons!

Billboards for public awareness – Let’s Get Free raises funds for billboards in Pennsylvania to amplify the message that ‘Life Sentences are Death Sentences’. PA has one of the largest populations of people sentenced to die in prison in the US–5,300. This campaign seeks to build public awareness about the movement to bring people home. We want lawmakers and residents across PA to see a few of the faces who have been sentenced to die. One billboard on the turnpike for 2 months can make 1 million impressions! Millions of people who have never thought about this issue will be exposed to it through this campaign.


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