Free Avis

Brief Overview Avis’s Circumstanceavisfacelittle

When Avis was 18, she was involved in a robbery in which Robert Walker was killed. She and her brother and friend never intended to kill anyone.

Avis is remorseful and takes responsibility for her involvement in the crime

Avis was across the street during the robbery, acting as a lookout. She didn’t pull the trigger. She was sentenced to life without parole under the Felony Murder Rule which makes any participants in a felony criminally liable for deaths that occur during that crime.

Avis attempted to help the victim by telling a bus driver there was an injured man in the parking lot.

Avis is 58 years old. She has been in prison for 39 years. (as of March 2019)

As an aging women, Avis is a low risk for re-offending. It will cost taxpayers about 40,000 a year to continue her incarceration.

Avis has a business degree and career skills.
Avis has a home plan and a life plan.
Avis has community support.

Cambridge Springs Prison, where she is housed, has supported her release for 4 consecutive commutation applications.

We support Commutation for Avis Lee.
Please grant her a public hearing.

To learn more about how Avis has been spending her time in prison you can find Avis’s Resume on the Women Lifers Resume Project Website.

Here Avis talk about the circumstance that led to her incarceration in her own words here:

5 thoughts on “Free Avis

  1. I am glad I opened this email…a cause I believe in and can be involved with…
    I will be sending letters…Avis should be freed…we all make mistakes …sometimes we are just in the wrong place at the wrong time…sometimes we are just to scared. ..whatever the case may be I believe that some of us deserve a second chance!

  2. She has served more than enough time for the crime. She has become successful and will do very well in society. She made a mistake as a child which she has paid for and developed into a responsible woman. Everyone deserves a second chance. Please give her a chance.

  3. I was Avis cellmate..She is very remorseful. She is kind and can’t and a very hard worker
    Avis is also knowledgeable. I think she would do great back in the community

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