Write to People

At the onset of COVID, Let’s Get Free began gathering weekly over zoom to write to our community on the inside to help lessen the burden of the increased restrictions and confinement that people in prison all of the country were and continue to be subjected to. Even as restrictions lessen we decided to continue holding the regular space to keep up with ongoing correspondence.

Our regular time is Wednesday mornings from 9 am to 10 am (EST). You can access the zoom link on our Linktree. Often you will look up and see everyone’s heads bent down writing and we listen to music too. It is usually less than 5 people. So no pressure! First time writers welcome.

If you would like to connect with people on your own please look over Black and Pink’s amazing guidelines for writing people in prison.

Here is a spreadsheet we have been using during the pandemic to connect with some people to write to in Pennsylvania.

Some tips for emailing and sending mail in PA can be found here.

Another spreadsheet offers links of interesting things to print out and send to people.

It’s good to orient yourself to a person you are writing to for the first time. Where did you get their name? Who are you and why are you writing? Are you sending a message of solidarity or are you looking for a penpal? It’s very important to not make promises you can’t keep – don’t say you will write back if you are not sure you can.