There are several ways to donate.

  • Send money to a friend on Paypal for no service fee ->
  • Check: payable to Let’s Get Free mailed to: 460 Melwood Ave #300 Pittsburgh, PA 15213
  • Venmo – @Lets-GetFree
  • CashApp – $letsgetfreePGH

Monthly Sustainers make us happen!

Monthly sustainers are a critical part of community organizing and help us gather unrestricted funds.

A missive of gratitude to our monthly donors for your financial support! Here is a little bit of accountability so you can know where your recurring donations go.

As of June 2022 THERE ARE 104 OF US. Let the trumpets sound and the 100% compostable confetti rain down upon us! WE ARE A MIGHTY FORCE OF GIVING! Collectively we are up to $1440 a month {{{17,280 a year}}} to support the work of Let’s Get Free. Your belief in our work has truly built our capacity.

Here is a list of some of the things we do 🙂

  • Daughters Magazine has BECOME a center of community on the inside reaching 650 people in prisons – mostly across PA.  On our Creative Resistance website, you can find all of the recent issues of Daughter’s founded by one of our advisory board members, Sarita Miller. As it grows in popularity, so does the cost! It’s about $4,000 to print and mail – 4 times a year. WE FUND THIS.
  •  As part of the fight to free our elders, we launched the Let Grandma Go graphics campaign. We are sending monthly postcards to ALL PA state legislators and DAs. Each postcard highlights the stories of incarcerated women elders and urges political support of bills (SB 835 and HB 2347) that would make incarcerated people over age 55 and those with serious medical conditions eligible for parole. Each postcard costs about $600 to design, print and mail.  WE FUND THIS.
Jennifer Rhodes’ card has a vibrant, patterned orange background and a cross-stitch-like design around the outer border. There are two photographs of Jennifer, a Black woman, at different stages of adulthood; she is looking at the camera and smiling in both. There is also a bright pink stylized silhouette of a bird with a flower in its beak. Text over the image reads, “It’s Jennifer’s 64th birthday. Give the gift of compassion and mercy. Let Grandma Go!” The following images have text that’s written out above.
  • Mutual Aid: You directly assist formerly incarcerated people and family members of people in prison. Your donations have paid for laptops, phones, bus passes, bills and NEW FLOORS FOR DONNELLE’S SAFE HAVEN. Last year we gave over 12,000 in Direct Assistance. Some of that was raised through crowdfunding etc,  BUT A GOOD BIT OF THAT WAS YOU.

  • Email Newsletters to the Inside: We have built a robust emailing system in spite of the cumbersome Connect Network platform – that’s prison email we use here in PA if you’re not familiar. It is infuriating. Always crashing, it costs money AND you only get 2000 characters per email which is about 3 paragraphs. ANYWAY, no technical difficulties can keep our information pipeline from going. This year we have been sending monthly updates on the commutation hearings, legislation and other news. We have over 200 people on our list and it costs about $80 bucks a month. WE FUND THIS!

If you have questions, please contact us at: We are now a 501c3, let us know if you want a receipt for your donation.

Blowing kisses in your direction
through a very protective mask!

[Image Description: Hand illustrated thank you card with colorful flowers bordering a banner that says thank you with black birds flying up to the sky. ]

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