Monthly Sustainers make us happen!

Monthly sustainers are a critical part of community organizing and help us gather unrestricted funds. This money is used for: direct assistance to people in prison and returning citizens (hard to write a grant for that) stamps, printing newsletters and commutation kits, speaker stipends as well as transportation costs to visit prisons, the state capitol and faraway meetings and conferences.

As of December 2020 we have 35 persistent givers making everything we do possible!! They are donating at levels of $5 up to $100 a month!

There are several ways to donate.

  • Send money to a friend on Paypal for no service fee ->
  • Check: payable to Let’s Get Free mailed to: 460 Melwood Ave #300 Pittsburgh, PA 15213
  • Venmo – @Lets-GetFree
  • CashApp – $letsgetfreePGH

We will use your donations wisely! To give you an idea:

  • $5 pays for 10 stamps
  • $10 pays for 40 email messages
  • $20 pays for food, drinks and pictures during a visit.
  • $25 pays for photocopying 30 commutation support kits.
  • $40 covers printing costs for 250 post cards advertising our Art Show.
  • $50 funds gas and tolls for one car to go to Harrisburg
  • $75 pays for t-shirts to unify our presence in the courtroom.
  • $100 pays speaker fee for returning citizen
  • $200 pays for printing 400 newsletters
  • $250 buys a laptop for a returning citizen
  • $1300 prints a billboard
  • $1500 is one month’s rent for aforementioned billboard

If you have questions, please contact us at: We are now a 501c3, let us know if you want a receipt for your donation.

[Image Description: Hand illustrated thank you card with colorful flowers bordering a banner that says thank you with black birds flying up to the sky. ]

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