Virtual Visits

Because of the Corona Virus you can now visit people in PA prisons using zoom!
If you are in prison society you can visit anyone otherwise you have to be on someones visiting list. If you would like for Let’s Get Free to connect you with someone to visit, you can sign up here.
To get on someones list you must send your name, address on your id, birthdate and gender to the person you want to visit.
Once you are approved you can follow these instructions:
How it works:
  • You must have Zoom.If you don’t have it – download it. You can find it in app stores or do a search.
  • Email the following information to the DOC Zoom Coordinator:
  • Visitor name :Address:




    Name of person in prison:

    Inmate #:

    Request Date:

    Requested time: (4 hour window) ((see note below))

  • For Cambridge Springs Email:
  • For Muncy Email:
  • Visits are 45 minutes. They often start 5 to 15 late. It’s a bit hard to pick the time. We recommend to request open ended dates like: Please schedule me for the next available date – I prefer 9am.  Or Please schedule me for the next available Tuesday you have after 1pm. If you need to pick a specific date – choose one that’s a month away.  The prisoners only get one weekend visit a month – but can receive one visit a week. So 4 visits total a month. You can talk to your person about scheduling during your visit.
  • After you send an email, they will write you back with the date/time and zoom link. This can take a couple days or a couple weeks.
  • Here is the DOC Video Visit Guide (includes email address for all the zoom coordinators at all the prisons)