Petition for Avis

Pennsylvania Board of Pardons:

Grant Avis Lee a Public Hearing


Avis, along with her brother and a friend, planned  a robbery on Robert Walker in 1980. Avis was across the street during the robbery, acting as a lookout. Mr. Walker was killed during the robbery. Avis attempted to help the victim by telling a bus driver there was an injured man in the parking lot. She was 18 years old.

She and her brother and friend never intended to kill anyone. She didn’t pull the trigger or see it happen; however, she was sentenced to life without parole under the Felony Murder Rule which makes any participants criminally liable for deaths that occur during a felony.

Avis is remorseful and takes responsibility for her involvement in the crime.

As an aging woman, Avis is a low risk for re-offending. Furthermore, it will cost taxpayers about $40,000 a year to continue her incarceration.  Avis was sentenced to Life Without Parole, the living death sentence.

Avis has earned a business degree and career skills, has an appropriate home to live in upon release, and a life plan so she may actively and freely contribute to society. Avis has community support and Cambridge Springs prison, where she is housed, supports her release!

Avis has applied for commutation, which would consider her time in prison as ‘served’ and allow her to become a free, productive member of society.

The next step in the commutation process is for the five member board of pardons to grant her a public hearing and recommend a pardon from the governor. We urge everyone to sign on to support her request for commutation and public hearing. Avis deserves a second chance.

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