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Let’s Get Free is raising a whopping $40,000 to amplify the message that ‘Life Sentences are Death Sentences’  in Pennsylvania. PA has one of the largest populations of people sentenced to die in prison in the US–5,300. We need to build public awareness to strengthen our movement to bring our people home. We need to push our cause outside of our committed justice bubbles. We want lawmakers and residents across PA to see a few of the faces who have been sentenced to die. 

Help us reach the unthinkable!! One billboard on the turnpike for 2 months can make 1 million impressions. Millions of people who have never thought about this issue will be exposed. 

The billboards will be launched in conjunction with each of the four sessions of merit review and public hearings in 2021. These hearings are important stages in the commutation process, one of the only ways for people with life sentences to be released from prison.

The Math

Each billboard lease for 2 months is : $3000
3 billboards for 2 months : $9000

Multiplied by 4 equals $36,000 to rent for billboards for the whole year.
Total cost of printing 3 boards: $3,900

This totals: $39.900 

We have already raised $7000 for the billboard campaign. All the remaining money that does not go to billboards will go to ads on city bus shelters and public buses.

We have been working to transform the amazing art we received from our art contest into public service announcements. Don’t you want to see this art and messaging raising awareness about Death by Incarceration on buses all across the state?   We do!! 

If 2,000 people donate $20 bucks – We got this!
If 1,000 people donate $40 bucks- We got this!
If 500 people donate $80 bucks -We got this!
If 250 people donate $160 bucks– We got this!

Also!!! The women on the billboards are featured in a series of short films that will be accessible on our website. 

The women featured on this image are Tameka Flowers, Charmaine Pfender and Sarita Miller. Their images will not be posted on billboards without their consent. This graphic was designed by the People’s Paper Coop and the stills are from footage shot by Tusko films. 


With your contribution, this messaging will truly be an effort of the grass roots! Help us shift the punishment paradigm and bring our loved ones home.

Let’s Get Free is proud members of the Coalition to Abolish Death by Incarceration.  If you are a part of the  movement to end death by incarceration and want to join our committee to work on future messaging –> Email:——————————

[Image Description of Billboard: This graphic is rectangular and has an orange pink sherbert back ground. Featured on the right of the image are photographs of three faces: Tameka, Charmaine and Sarita. Tameka is a Black woman with her hair pulled back in a neat pile on top of her head. She has a cross necklace. Char is a white person that appears gender neutral with a round face and short hair. Sarita is Black woman with straight hair that frames her face and ends at her shoulders. All the faces are wearing expressions as if in conversation.  In big letters on the left the words: 5300 people in PA are sentenced to die in prison. To the bottom right are the words yellow: End Death by Incarceration. Underneath in white:]

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