Series of Videos of Women Serving Time at SCI-Muncy Prison in PA

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Muncy changed my life for the best in me as a person who did time there I learned a lot of useful skills,listened to other’s life stories and grasped the true understanding of women who love, women who are empowered and strive each day to be their better selves Doing time in SCI Muncy made me realize that life is too short and precious to let me keep going down the same path I realized that changing the people places and things that weren’t working for me and against me had to go that I was able to move forward with my life by telling myself no more will I allow myself to fall or fail in life again I now make better choices and decisions and I wake up everyday and chose my life and the lives of the people I love and cherish every moment of every day to be the best I can be and I learned from the experiences of others who have helped me truly understand that I have changed and do have a better positive attitude and outlook in life

Sci munch ladies y’all did a beautiful job god bless yall everyone are in my prays

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