In the News: Mom’s in Prison & 74 year old lifer gets free


Alex Campbell from Buzzfeed has a great series of articles:

These Mothers Were Sentenced To At Least 10 Years For Failing To Protect Their Children From A Violent Partner

For a BuzzFeed News investigation, here is a list of the cases we found and an explanation of the methodology we used to find them. posted on Oct. 2, 2014, at 9:51 p.m.


Arlena Lindley’s boyfriend Alonzo Turner beat her for months and murdered her child — so why was she sent to prison for 45 years? A BuzzFeed News Investigation.

When Battered Women Are Treated As Criminals

A preview of an upcoming BuzzFeed News investigation. Update: The investigation has been published — read it here.

Woman freed after serving 32 years in 1981 killing

la-me-ln-woman-released-from-prison-after-2014-001March 25, 2014 LA Times Mary Virginia Jones, 74, who was serving life without parole for her role in a 1981 murder, was freed from prison late Monday. Read More Here

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