Avis Lee More Determined Then Ever!

avis and ettaToday, I journeyed up to Cambridge Springs to break the news to Avis that she had been unanimously denied by the parole board to have her case heard in a public hearing for possible commutation. While disappointed, she was bracing herself for this news. Avis said she is more determined then ever! She is very grateful for all the work that everyone put in and definitely feels like it was important and totally worth it! She said she is going to request one of the new commutation applications on Tuesday – the first available chance! Tommy the photographer helped us with this pose!

Stay tuned for a more detailed report back from our Amazing Prison Justice Field Trip!


photo by Tom Jefferson

One reply on “Avis Lee More Determined Then Ever!”

The spirit and drive for freedom should never end and I am thrilled to see that Avis is still in the fight! I feel so much better knowing that Avis is stronger than ever. That’s a great photo of you and Avis! I don’t think Muncy would have allowed those kind of pants into the visitor’s room Etta!

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