Operation Public Hearing Support for Avis Lee!

All Hands on Deck!!
Let’s Get Free The Women and Trans Prisoner Defense Committee
is preparing for the hopeful and potential good news that Avis Lee will be granted a public hearing.
avis crossstichAvis was sentenced to life without parole under the Murder Felony Conviction Rule and has served 34 years in prison for her role as lookout for a robbery which ended in the unfortunate death of Mr. Robert Walker.
We believe she deserves a second chance. More information on Avis’s case here
Avis applied for commutation in 2011 and could be assigned a public hearing any day now and we want to pack the courtroom. Will you come to Harrisburg with us to show your support? If you can’t attend can you help in other ways? In addition to attending the public hearing you can support by helping with logistics, blasting your social media and email contacts, or lending a car for others to use in carpool.  All help is greatly appreciated! Fill out the form below or contact etta at 443-603-6964 – writealetta(at)gmail

 And..If  You Haven’t Already, Please Take 5 Minutes To Sign the Petition This small act DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE. We want to walk into that hearing with 1,000 online signatures in addition to all the physical ones we have received.

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