Netflix Series on Women in Prison Spawns Dialogue around Race, Media and Prisons

The Cast of Orange is the New Black

The Netflix TV series, Orange is the New Black, has inspired many opinions about race, representation, and women in prison in the media.

When a couple members of The Women in Prison Defense Committee visited Avis Lee last week, she was next in line to read the book. Can’t wait to hear what Avis thinks!

Here are some thoughts and critiques circulating the web about the TV series which is different then the book:

White is the New White – by Auro Bogado – The Nation

The Soapbox: Is ‘Orange is the New Black’ Education or Entertainment – by Shanelle Matthews – The Frisky

Why I don’t Watch Orange is the New Black by Allison Samuels – The Daily Beast

Orange is Not the New Black by – Feminist Griote

Member of Cast on Melissa Harris Perry show – MSNBC

Orange is the New Black – 7 things we should talk about by Gabrielle – Autostraddle

Orange is the New Black got you upset about Prisons? by Dylan Matthews- Washington Post

White Chick Behind Bars -by Yasmin Nair- In These Times

Five Formerly Incarcerated Women on Prisons, Relationships and Orange is the New Black by Kat Stoeffel- New York Mag

Why We Love Orange is the New Black by Zerlina Maxwell – Ebony

On Fresh Air with Terry Gross

Jenji Kohan on Fresh Air with Terry Gross

Orange is the New Black Approved for Prison Broadcasting by Oren Mendez – Huffington Post

Documentaries about Women in Prison

Charisse Shumate – Fighting for our Lives

Free Angela and All Political Prisoners

Mothers of Bedford

Cruel and Unusual; Transgender Women in Prison

Women In Prison – Beyond Media Education

Afrofeminist Film Review of ‘Beautiful Sentence’ Women in Prison writing Poetry for Healing and Salvation by Spectra

Thanks to Bekezela and Dana for some of the links!

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