Justice for Etana and Mecca Shakur

Black Riders Liberation Party Members Arrested by Inglewood Police Department


On Tuesday April 30th 2013, Black Riders Liberation Party members Mecca and Etana Shakur were harassed, assaulted and arrested by the Inglewood Police Department while selling newspapers and politicking with the people on Century and Crenshaw in Inglewood, California.

This attack comes in the aftermath of the party being honored by the Black Panther Party Alumni Association with the “Continuing the Struggle” Award. This award was presented at a fundraising event for Elder Freeman’s trip to Cuba to fight cancer.

The BRLP, being one of the first groups to seriously push a hard line in Oakland and Los Angeles for support of Elder Freeman, was in attendance to assist with security and personal escort for Kathleen Cleaver. Kathleen Cleaver presented this award to General T.A.C.O. and the BRLP for 17 plus years of revolutionary service to the community.

The recognition and support from this award some might say is long overdue. The torch has been passed and the generational gap between the elders and the youth is beginning to be filled with mutual respect and cooperation.

Comrades Mecca and Etana Shakur are high ranking central committee members, mothers and servants of the people who have been actively organizing many revolutionary programs throughout the Los Angeles area. Comrade Mecca Shakur is the BRLP’s Minister of Information and Comrade Etana Shakur is the Minister of Community Programs.

1000006_10151807649484808_1631420546_nPeople packed the Inglewood Courthouse on Wednesday, July 31 2013 to demand Justice for Etana and Mecca Shakur, who are both warriors who have put their lives on the line countless times for the people, and are in need of support. Mecca and Etana are charged with alleged assault and battery on a police officer after they were approached by police while educating people in their community and selling the African Inter-Communal News Service papers.

The Hands Off Africa Movement, initiated by the BRLP, is demanding Hands Off Etana and Mecca Shakur, drop all charges! The campaign, which is on-going, is organizing for Justice for Trayvon; support for the prison hunger strikers; to free all political prisoners; and to withdraw all racist US/NATO forces from Africa. They also demand Hands Off Assata Shakur and Cuba.

The BRLP is raising legal funds and awareness, and are gathering witnesses and legal support and will keep everyone updated as to ways to support our comrades.


For more information, contact the BRLP at 323-289-4457, or

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