Glow Home Art Show

[The above image is a paper cut by Devon Cohen of a lighthouse surrounded by a wavy sea with the title of the show coming out of a yellow ray of light shining from the lighthouse.]


For the 3rd year running, Let’s Get Free teams up with Boom Concepts for the annual prison justice art fundraiser.

Calling all artists on both sides of the walls to create pieces on the theme

“Glow Home: Illuminating relationSHIPS

Art Submission Deadline – July 31, 2019 – Show opens October 4th

Artists please RSVP if you are interested and I will send you loving reminders.


Last year Let’s Get Free raised $6,010 big ones!! With that money, we went on a retreat, visited the women’s prison multiple times, started a new program called the Real Deal led by Ricky Olds providing emotional support for returning citizens, paid $950 to returning citizens for speaking at events and workshops, supported 5 artists on the inside with money for art supplies, hired 2 artists from Mexico to design art specifically for our artshow and the list goes on!  This fundraiser is our biggest moneymaker of the year and has expanded our capacity greatly!!

This year we are attempting to expand our collaboration with youth by working with a new emerging curator and brilliant artist Marce Washington! Marce came through the Letters and Liberation exhibit last year with the Hazelwood Art Excursion tour and we hit it off and vowed to curate together next year. AND IT’S HAPPENING AND WE ARE THRILLED. Contact info below.

The Theme: 

What does HOME look like? Feel like? A space? A state of mind? how do you glow there? How would you draw, paint sculpt your dream home? If you are incarcerated, what are your hopes, dreams, fears about coming home? How do you turn that into a piece of visual art?

Many people are inspired by the GLOW.  Some people are using glow in the dark paint, finding drawings that appear to be glowing. So many of us had fun creating lamps and light boxes at last years show we wanted to extend that theme. Spruce up a lamp shade or string of lights. If you are a local Pittsburgh Artist and want to design a lamp – contact etta. We have been collecting lamps from thrift stores that can be transformed.

Another angle is anything having to do with ships. It is a fundraiser. And people love ships and art with boats. We believe relationships are really what makes coming home GLOW. Think of all the ships:)  Can these conceptual ships be reimagined and communicated in your art piece?  relationSHIP. friendSHIP, companionSHIP, worSHIP, partnerSHIP, citizenSHIP, leaderShip, loveSHIP…

As always, we accept art that wasn’t made specifically for this show or made by you. Is your art collection too big for it’s britches? Donate us somethin’ pretty! Additionally, if anyone is still inspired to make art out of letters from people in prison please do! You can still hit etta up for letters.

Do you know an incarcerated artist?

Share their contact with us so we can send them the call to artists.

Please submit your art by July 31 2019. Again, let us know you are working on something and we will send gentle reminders. 

Questions, encouragement or need some letters from people in prison or a lamp to transform?

Curator: etta cetera:  443-603-6964  –

Youth Curator: Marce Washington: 412-727-4528  –

(Marce is interested in doing workshops with youth!)

Let’s Get Free extends our loudest shouts of gratitude to all of the artists who crafted and donated art and everyone who bid and bought and the many volunteers who worked the show and BOOM Concepts and JustSeeds who always donates generous amounts of art!!


Let’s Get Free


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facebook – /letsgetfreepa

instagram – @womeninprison